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The Challenge: 

We will be rowing over 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua. We are three ladies, with no prior rowing experience, taking on The Worlds Toughest Row. 

On 12th December 2023, the 3 of us will be alongside over 40 other crews ready to push off, on an incredible journey across the Atlantic heading west to Antigua, with just 6 oars in a 24ft boat... (hopefull,y we can afford more than 6 oars).

We are hoping to live the adventure in every sense of the word, with Maddie hunting for a banging tan (Grace and G less so... milky bar kids), hopefully catching a fish and enjoying "The Worlds Most Remote Cocktail Party". Although this sounds like a very romantic approach to The Worlds Toughest Row, we are under no illusions as to what this actually entails: rowing in excess of 1.5 million oar strokes, facing waves up to 30ft high and likely storms, not to mention suffer from hand blisters and bum sores! Our little boat will be carrying all our essentials including dehydrated food rations, a water maker (to desalinate sea water for drinking water), 2 sets of clothes each (no room for fashion), emergency kit and survival equipment. 

It is estimated that each crew member will use 800 sheet of toilet paper (biodegradable of course), they will burn in excess of 5,000 calories (per person) per day, with the average rower losing over 8kg during the crossing and consuming more than 5L of water per day. Oh, and did we mention, there is no toilet on board! 

It is a true test of physical and mental strength, determination and resilience. 

More people have climbed Everest and have been into Space than have crossed an ocean! At some points during the crossing, the closest land to us will be the ocean floor more than 5km below the boat!

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