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Marlin Damage

For those who followed us during the crossing, disaster came in the form of a 10ft Blue Marlin.... 

Which after some seriously cool gopro footage, took issue with Oardrey and decided to strike the boat. He came at us on the port side, hitting the hull HARD.... 

The result being three holes in the boat: 

1 large one from the external side of the hull through the port side, narrowly missing our water maker compartment;

1 smaller hole between Maddie's snack pack compartment into the central locker (which we later bunged with a sawn off piece of oar); and

one small hole in the central locker lid and a cracked side. 

Vibe the Wave used their initiative and creative streak to bung the holes as best they could with a fender and of course, a champagne bottle no less! 

HOWEVER, Oardrey, our trusted vessel, was chartered to us by Seasoars who are crossing in December 2024... meaning she needs to be fixed and repairs ASAP at an unhealthy cost. 

Therefore, if you wish to show your support in any capacity, a donation towards the repairs would be AMAZING... 

Surely, the scream alone deserves a few quid?


Thanks for donating!

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